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Consumer-led tour packages

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Consumer-led tour packages

Post by James54 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:31 pm

Tourism has never been like this, the conventionalists may say. Very true. The tourism sector has changed a lot that you seldom hear about the mass tourism packages nowadays. Instead, what you hear is news about spice tourism, cultural tourism, kerala ayurveda tourism, Eco tourism etc.This shift from mass tourism to niche tourism is very significant and the main difference between the two lies in their methods/aims. Mass tourism employs a process in which a lot of tourists with different interests are taken to sightseeing, which will be pre-planned conventional tourist destinations decided by the tour operators. But niche tourism is consumer -led and it offers various packages to various tourists. The tourists are given freedom to choose the package that caters to their interests and hobbies,

Hence, if a tourist is interested in exploring the culture of a country, he can select a tour package which includes a visit to heritage sites or art museums. And if he is a wild-life enthusiast, he can go for a package that focuses on a visit to wild-life sanctuaries. Like these examples, there are a lot of niche tourism opportunities; and these can be again diversified into smaller niches. For example, cultural tourist can be an art tourist who explores the art life of the region or can be a literary tourist, who explores his/ her favourite writers’ roots and the milieu of their writings. With such a variety of opportunities, it is only natural that the niche tourism has found a lot of takers in the global market.


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