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Ul'dah Main Scenario Quests Court in the Sands

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Ul'dah Main Scenario Quests Court in the Sands

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6000 Gil
200 Skill Points

Upon entering The Quicksand, you see a little Lalafell proprietress named Momodi. Before you can get acquainted, the mysterious bard Thancred shows up and introduces himself to Momodi as well. They speak and after he spends some time flattering her, they discuss rumors of a war that is going on. After that, he takes his leave of you both. You then enter an instance for further dealings with Momodi.

Once you enter the instance, select Momodi, and choose the "Court in the Sands" topic of conversation. Momodi notices that you've managed to pick up a small treasure namely the Velodyna Cosmos, but for now she wants you to go attune yourself with the aetheryte at Camp Black Brush. She also gives you an NPC Linkpearl which you can use to communicate with her and other NPCs while you make your escapades around Eorzea. She also marks the location of the camp on your map, follow the mark and go yo Camp Black Brush.

Camp Black Brush

Before you leave Ul'dah, open your menu and select the NPC Linkpearls option, and choose the Adventurers' Guild linkpearl. You know when you need to check the linkpearl because you will see a yellow glow linkpearl icon next to the time in the upper right corner.

After you select the linkpearl, Momodi will speak with you, expressing surprise that you were able to figure it out. Head out of the north gate that leads to Central Thanalan, and make your way to the spot on the map where the ??? is. After Patch 1.19, this ??? is now visible and will show the camp itself. Once there, get close to the crystal and open your menu and select Aetheryte. This will attune you to Camp Black Brush. Momodi will come on your linkpearl to tell you to either try out the guildleve that she slipped to you, or to come back to The Quicksand, whichever you prefer. Pick either, and head back to The Quicksand to continue.
The Quicksand : Part II

Once you make it back to The Quicksand, Momodi is now behind the counter. Go speak to her, and select the "Court in the Sands" conversation topic again. She explains how to add actions to your toolbar and will directs you to take your treasure she inspected earlier to the Goldsmiths' Guild to see if they want to buy it, and she also tells you to check out the Gladiators' Guild over at the Coliseum to see if you can make some gil there.
The Goldsmiths' Guild

When you get to the Goldsmiths' Guild, speak with Elecotte, who is to the right of the door as you walk in to the guild. A cut-scene will commence where you have your treasure appraised, and then Niellefresne will step in and give you 2000 gil for it.

The Coliseum

After you finish up with the Goldsmiths' Guild, head over to the Coliseum and the Gladiators' Guild. Upon approaching the door, you will enter a cut-scene where you meet a Gladiator named Greinfarr. He request you to enter their champion's tourney. Agree, and then head to the back of the guild, down some stairs, and when you get the alert icon, select it and proceed to next instance. This will get you started in the tournament. You will loose whatever your level is as it is a part of the story, just keep fighting until your damage becomes 0 and let your enemy finish the fight and will the battle.

Once the battle is over, you will have entered back into the instance that you started when you approached the Gladiators' Guild where you will see common faces. Run back up the stairs and the instance will end. Lastly, you should see a glowing linkpearl in the top right corner again signifying that Momodi wants to chat. She informs you that the Miners' Guild is recruiting, and that you should go check out Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.

Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern

Once you arrive, speak with Linette, who is to the right of the door as you walk in to the guild. Select the "Court in the Sands" conversation topic, and another cut-scene commences. She starts to explain the rules of the Miners' Guild and then F'lhaminn begins singing. Then a commotion breaks out, interrupting F'lhaminns' song. It seems the Thaumaturge Corguevais that was responsible for the goobbue's attack at the opening cut-scene was trying to steal from the guilds' mine. These two miners mean him harm, and F'lhaminn wants you to help her stop the fight!

Speak with F'lhaminn, and she will direct you to perform a series of emotes at her. You must first do each emote as she asks, then you must direct them at the two miners who are attacking Corquevais. The order of emotes are:

furious >> beckon >> laugh >> deny >> upset >> soothe

This table shows which emotes to perform on which miner, who are up on the stage shouting at Corquevais. One emote from the list towards each miner is sufficient to get them to focus on you.

Emote 1

Emote 2

Emote 3
Manic Miner


Maddened Miner



These emotes cause the miners to turn and come after you instead. Note, that you don't need to do all emotes, as long as the exclamation icon is gone from the first miner, you can already do the emotes on the second miner. Luckily there are two Lalafell named Seserukka and Popokkuli who take these miners to task for trying to handle justice on their own, and toss them out of the guild.

After that little scene, you are back in the instance, and you need to head over and speak with F'lhaminn, who gets Corguevais to explain what is going on. After this, Corguvais leaves, and Linette asks you to take a message to the leader of the people living at Camp Black Brush, explaining that they are going to take harsher measures against people stealing from them. F'lhaminn decides to accompany you to the camp, and asks you to meet at the Gate of Nald.

Head to the North gate, walk down the road just outside the gate, and you will begin an escort quest where you have to get F'lhaminn safely to Camp Black Brush.

Follow F'lhaminn and during the course, various marmot type mobs will spawn, but are easily dealt with. Once there, a little girl is injured, which turns out to be Ascilia, who you have seen earlier. Corguevais appears and heals her, and she promptly attacks him saying it is his fault her father is injured. Thancred shows up and escortes Ascilia back to Ul'dah, and lets Corguevais know that Ascilia's father is at Frondaile's Phrontistery. Return to the Miners' Guild and she will reward you with 3,000 gil for helping out.
Frondale's Phrontistery

Frondaile's Phrontistery is actually the Alchemists' Guild, and is on the upper level of Ul'dah. Head up there and speak with Nogeloix, who will direct you to the door almost due south from him. When you approach this door, you will see the alert and should open your menu and select "Door".

Upon entering, you meet Faustigeant, who directs you to make a survey of the sick rooms. Navigate the sick rooms until you come across a door, near the well-washed leech. You will find that Ascilia's father, warburton, has passed. Corguevais mentions something about contacting the superiors, and then leaves. Once you finish this, your linkpearl starts glowing: Momodi wants to talk. She asks you to come back to The Quicksand again, as she has something to give you.
The Quicksand : Part III

After all of this trudging around Ul'dah and the surrounding areas, once you make it back to The Quicksand for the third and final time, you will see that Momodi has a different exclamation icon on top of her head signaling that the quest is now complete. Talk to her and she will give you a sum of 6,000gil and 200 Skill Points.

While doing the escort section doesn't require a Disciple of War job, it does make it easier. For other classes, you can use the ability Stone Throw.
Always check you NPC linkpearls glow and when it turns yellow, you have to select it to proceed.
You will loose to the Gladiator Tournament no matter what level you are

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