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Ul'dah Golden Sacrifices mission 2

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Ul'dah Golden Sacrifices mission 2

Post by admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:57 am


15,000 gil

Part 1: Pugilists' Guild

To start this quest, speak to Momodi and choose "Golden Sacrifices"

At the Platinum Mirage (a.k.a. the Pugilist Guild), speak to Gagaruna, who will direct you to go through a door at the back of the guild. Approach the door and interact from the menu and you will enter an instance.

After that instance, check your NPC pearl for a message from Momodi. After you view the message speak with Momodi. She makes a suggestion to look for F'lhaminn, who has been looking for you, may be found at the Weavers' Guild. At the Weavers' Guild, speak to Deaustie who marks your map for a place in northern Thanalan where you may find F'lhaminn.

(You can almost always view markers on your map for your quests by going to your journal and selecting the "map" button.)
Part 2: Northern Thanalan

Find the seemingly elusive F'lhaminn by approaching the spot marked on your journal map. When you cross underneath the bridge you will receive an instance. You must continue to the top of the bridge for another. Afterwards speak with Ascilia which will trigger yet another instance.
Part 3: Thaumaturge Guild

Checking your glowing NPC Linkpearl after this instance and then visiting Momodi will lead you to the Arrzaneth Ossuary, the Thaumaturges' Guild. The Journal map indicates you should speak with Yayake there; she's behind the counter to the right of the door as you come in. To advance this instance both times, approach one of the areas beside the large pillars that separate the large room, as if to run to the other side of the room. After the instance speak with Niellefrense. He'll be to your right next to the pillar. He'll tell you he had nothing to do with the father's death. Next walk past the pillars on either side of the room to trigger another cut scene.
Part 4: Conclusion

Your NPC Linkpearl glows, where Momodi scolds you and instructs you to come see her. Speak with her in the Adventurers' Guild, and you will receive 15,000 gil as a reward and complete Golden Sacrifices.

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