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Ul'dah Calamity Cometh mission 3

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Ul'dah Calamity Cometh mission 3

Post by admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:00 am


30,000 Gil
500 SP


Step 1: Speak to Momodi.

Step 2: Speak to Rururaji.

Step 3: Defeat the Minemites. This is an instanced battle.

Step 4: They will come 1-2 at a time. A healing ability is strongly recommended, as you can heal your NPC party members.

Step 5: If your allies are defeated you will fail the instance.

Step 6: Enter the door at the Phrontistery.

Step 7: Enter the room in the back of the Phrontistery.

Step 8: Leave the room through the door.

Step 9: Check the Adventurers' Guild NPC Linkpearl.

Step 10: Go to camp Black Brush.

Step 11: Approach the Arrzaneth Ossuary.

Step 12: Approach the open door.

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