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The Three Nations (Main Storyline) mission 4

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The Three Nations (Main Storyline) mission 4

Post by admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:02 am


45,000 Gil
6,500 SP
Path Companion
"Path of the Twelve" Linkpearl


Step 1: At the end of the previous main quest it was suggested you go to Ul'dah to the Merchant Wards.

Step 2: Go to Ul'dah to the Merchant Wards (same teleport entrance as the Ul'dah Market Wards. (You will be in a location called the Waking Sands, which is the headquarters of the Path of the Twelve.

Step 3: Head to the door at the end of the hallway you're standing in and use the menu to enter. There will be a cutscene.

Step 4: Speak to Minfilia using your Echo of Truth. There will be another cutscene.

Step 5: Go talk to NPCs if you choose, or otherwise talk to Minfilia again.

Step 6: Agree (or not) to be a Walker. Consequences for not agreeing unknown.

Step 7: If you agree, go speak to the npc at the entrance of the Merchant Wards, Tataru, to have your name entered in the register.

Step 8: Tataru wants you to choose an adventuring Path Companion Pick a class to view. Four random npcs of that class will be shown. If you do not like any of the four, simply choose your class again and you will get new npcs to choose from. The race/gender of your companion will dictate their personality (as detailed on the Path Companion page.

Step 9: You will be given a new npc linkpearl and told to wait for Minfilia's decision on your choice.

Step 10: After visiting the Ul'Dah Adventerer's Guild desk (I took the time to get Levequests) your "Path of the Twelve" linkpearl glows.

Step 11: Tataru will tell you that Minfilia has made her decision. Return to the Merchants Ward in Ul'dah.

Step 12: Speak to Tataru.

Step 13: Speak to your new companion and choose a nickname.

Step 14: Your companion will suggest meeting at The Quicksand.

Step 15: Go to The Quicksand and speak to Momodi.

Step 16: Chat to your companion and accept the option to begin your adventure. (Consequence for refusal unknown.)

Step 17: Receive your reward and quest ends.

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