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Together We Stand mission 5

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Together We Stand mission 5

Post by admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:04 am


60,000 Gil 11,000 SP

After reaching rank 22, the Merchant Wards in Ul'dah will again be accessible.

Go to Ul'dah to the Merchant Wards (same teleport entrance as the Ul'dah Market Wards).
Speak to Tataru just inside the door, who will tell you a party of Sylphs has trapped Lady Minfilia in the Hall of the First Step. No-one can understand what the sylphs are shouting.
Go to Minfilia's office and watch a cut-scene involving the sylph Almxio.
Speak to Minfilia.
The three sylphs (Almxio, Diluxio, and Zoxio) will tell you that 'metal ones' are invading their home. Minfilia asks that you and your Path Companion travel to Moonspore Grove to assess the situation.
Accept the quest. (Consequences for refusal unknown.)
Minfilia tells you you must contact your Path Companion before leaving Ul'dah.
Use your Path of the Twelve linkpearl to talk to your Path Companion, who will arrange to meet you at the Gridania Aetheryte Plaza.
Go to the Gridania Aetheryte Plaza and exit.
Your Path Companion will tell you the location of Moonspore Grove - north and east of Nine Ivies.
Go to Camp Nine Ivies to meet up with your Path Companion. (Quest triggers after walking to far side of camp.)
A cutscene of Sylphs lets you know that they escaped, but their children (podlings) need to be rescued.
Choose to aid the sylphs. (Refusing ends the cutscene, but you can activate it again by approaching Nine Ivies again)
The location of Moonspore Grove is marked on your map.
Keep pace with your Path Companion until you encounter a cutscene of soldiers.
Follow your companion some more until you encounter Almxio. Speak to her to receive concealing magic which will allow you to sneak past a soldier.
Your Path Companion is useful for finding the way, but do not follow their path near enemy soldiers, as the enemy soldiers cannot see your companion, but can see you.
Enemy soldiers do not have good eyesight, and if possible you should try and run behind them to continue your way.
If a soldier spots you, they will attack you. Your Path Companion will not assist you even if you are attacked, and have no chance of fighting back AND making it to your mark before the timer runs out, so if you are spotted, just keep running. If you die, you can retrigger the quest by running around the Camp.
Continue on until you reach Zoxio. Talk to her for another visibility shield.
Continue on until you reach Dokixia. Speak to her to continue the quest. She will disguise your activities while you take the podlings to Flaxio.
Run back to where you met Almxio who has been joined by Flaxio. Speak to Flaxio, who will take the podling.
During a cutscene the subject of the Primal (or 'eikon') will be raised.
Stazfloh, Una Tayuun and Percevains arrive during the conversation, and you find yourself summarily dismissed. Your Path Companion departs.
Return to the Merchants Ward in Ul'dah and speak to Tataru. Minfilia will appear and reward you (and you are summarily ejected from the Merchants Ward.

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