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Toll of the Warden mission 6

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Toll of the Warden mission 6

Post by admin on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:05 am


90,000 gil

After reaching rank 30, the Merchant Wards in Ul'dah will again be accessible.

1) When I hit 30 I clicked on the bloodshore aetheryte then my NPC linkpearl lite up (Can probably hit any that's just the first one I hit). After I clicked on the NPC linkpearl Minfilia told me to head to the waking sands in Ul'dah. The waking sands is in the merchants ward. After zoning in I ran straight foward to another zone and CS. After the CS I talked to tataru.

2) Next I teleported to Gridania to the peasants ward. The peasants ward is in the market wards. Next I spoke with Hedyn and entered a CS.

3) Then I teleported to Camp Drybone (for some reason my linkpearl didn't light up right away, so I just ran around a bit talked to some npc's there then it light up). I clicked on the NPC linkpearl for directions to a cave.

(If you ever unsure of where to go you can click on your journal and hit the map in that quest for directions). The cave entrance is at (37, 27).

4) You enter a CS as you approach the entrance. To win you can play parley against 2 mobs of different races (the mobs will appear with their names in green)(just target the mobs with green names and open you menu to play parley). To win in parley was kinda hard for me at first (Just try to get the highest number combo you can, like symbols add up as long as the tiles are in line with one another, only in the up & down or left & right directions).

Example: This is your goal for parley to be above this mark when the turns are all done.

Here is a possible pick the star being the choice of boxes:

but... with this pick you will only get the 2 boxes of the same symbol for a total of (50) points. As you get points the bar raises on the left toward your goal and as your opponent gets points it lowers the bar to the left.

Here is a better pick

With this pick you will get all 3 boxes of the same symbol for a total of (55) points.

(Hint: if there are no combo symbols up and you do not want to change the board too much I would pick the box where the 28 coin symbol is {the furthest right lowest box})

5) After a CS you can teleport back to Gridania and head back to the peasants ward. Talk with Hedyn to end the mission and get your reward: 90,000 gil and a Ashcrown Consortium linkpear

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