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Post by admin on Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:59 pm

Free McBoot (FMCB) is a self booting app that only needs to be installed onto a PS2 MemoryCard. No modchips or Boot discs are required once installed.

FMCB is a simple program launcher for homebrew applications (apps) and doesnt come with any programs included with an official release. It is however pre-configured to use several recommended apps , so all you would need to do is simply add the ones you wish to use. By reading the Advanced User Guide, you can find out what to do if you wish to add other apps or files.

Due to a large number of people not able to understand the advanced guides, i have created a Noobie Guide and a Noobie Package with the recommended apps included, so all thats required is to install it as is. Once you are more familar with using FMCB, you can add more apps , configure it to your taste and even add skins to some apps that allow it.

Our Policy on piracy:
Free McBoot was not designed for you to pirate games. It was designed to allow homebrew applications to run from a standard PS2 Memory Card or connected USB device.
We dont encourage, support or even allow discussions of backups if you do not own the originals. We will BAN you in any of the supporting forums if you ask for help with such activities. Its ONLY legal as long as you own the original retail software. Just to let you know, most of us who provide support on backups KNOW if your using a pirated backup or have the original, as we have been doing this for a long time and know why most things arent working right. 80% of the pirated games arent going to work at all due to how the pirate made a backup. So i hope that will discourage you from asking for any help with your pirated copies!
Support the Game developers and GO BUY YOUR GAMES!!

Piracy is not just downloading from the internet. Its the copying and redistributing of the copy/copies in any form. Someone selling you or giving you a "copy" is piracy, since you did not have a right to posess one.

Then there is also "self piracy", the making of a copy of software you purchased, then sold, trashed it or was stolen from you, but kept the copy. It doesnt matter HOW the original was removed from your ownership, but the fact you no longer have rights to hold a copy of that software does matter.

Having the original in ANY shape, broken, scratched, water damages, heat damaged, etc., makes posessing a backup legal. Its for this reason we make backups, ONLY to preserve our original discs and the console equipment since they do not last forever. By making backups, we can enjoy our games far beyond the original discs lifespan permits.


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