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how to make a solar panel

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how to make a solar panel

Post by ricie on Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:15 am

learn how to make a solar panel. my site tells you all about making a solar panel
Ebay can give you most of the things you will need. you will need 36, 3x6 solar cell's
they cost about 1 dollar each. you can buy solar cells tabbed or untabbed, untabbed will take you more time to do but cost you less money. So if you dont get them tabbed then you will also need tabbing wire. Also a flux pen 186 that is made for solar cells this helps you solder the cells together and make it more easy. for any more info go to http://www.pickyourelectricity.com

http://www.pickyourelectricity.com learn how to make your own solar panel
learn how to make a charge controller.


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